Phase 1:

During Phase 1 I will take a deep dive into discovering your business. This process usually takes a few phone calls and lots of research, as I want to ensure I fully understand your business, your ideal clients/customers,  your competition, your goals and the problems you are currently experiencing. After doing so, I will formulate a plan or ‘road map’ to resolve these issues and achieve your goals.

This step is crucial to your success and so I like to take the time necessary to get everything right before we begin design & implementation.

Phase 2:

During Phase 2 I will design a custom website or e-commerce solution specifically for your business or non-profit. The design will come directly out of all of the research obtained during the discovery phase.

Phase 3:

During Phase 3 I will implement your custom website or e-commerce store design. I will integrate all of the various photos, videos, copy, logos and assets you’ve created into your custom design created during phase 2.

I will also setup various other 3rd party applications and api’s.

I will also be providing consistent updates with live links where you can monitor my progress throughout this phase. This way you and I will be able to collaborate in order to make any changes you feel are necessary.

Phase 4:

During Phase 4 I will optimize your site for search engines based upon the keywords you are looking to target.

I will also be performing page speed optimizations to ensure you site runs as fast as possible and provides the optimal user experience.

Phase 5:

Phase 5 is the last and final phase where I make your site live for all the world to see! I will handle your custom domain name and DNS, and also provide post launch support and training for your team so you can manage your site going forward.